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“The ideas you have at the bottom of the cup, get them to the top, because they may be worth millions.”


Joseph, Dominica/Barbados, January 8, 2021—Emerging author Claire Joseph has had numerous ideas only to find out that there were many barriers to bringing them to the top. In spite of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Claire has released her new book, Never Over, written to inspire and equip individuals to execute on their ideas to bring the biggest changes.


Considering the value of bringing ideas to the top, Claire writes, “Getting your idea to the top means taking it from a dead place to a place of life, that is, a place where you can take the necessary actions to spark that light for an overflowing and life changing experience.” Moreover, she posits, “Some people are gifted with unique abilities that can be realized. Others, however, have ideas that are left at the bottom of the cup. This is because they are either waiting for someone else to take their ideas, waiting for the appropriate funds to come running to them, or just being blatantly lazy and unmotivated.”


The book, Never Over, is for those who desire to take inspired action on their ideas and goals without hesitation.

Every human invention, achievement, or accomplishment started as an idea in the mind of an individual. Whether you are an entrepreneur starting a business, a student entering a field of study, or someone dreaming of accomplishing something personal, the principles outlined in this book will inspire and equip the reader to achieve their vision. Learn the necessary ingredients to fulfill a dream, including who and what may help or hurt along the way.


Claire states, “We all have hundreds of ideas every day regarding so many things we would love to do for the betterment of ourselves, our family, and our community. It is your job to follow your passions regardless of what other people think. Don’t allow others to determine what you can or cannot do. Every time you follow your passion, you win. Position yourself to execute your idea and even mentor others along the way. Live a life of greater abundance, as you act on your greatest goals.” Claire believes that everyone has the potential for success; start with an idea and turn that idea into life-changing experiences. 

Success is in Tiny Habits Notebook and Journal.It’s never too late to pen your own wishes, dreams, ideas and plans within this amazing notebook. Designed for everyday use and perfect size to carry in your bag. Everyday use and perfect gift choice

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I Exist to Shine Forth - Notebook

Shine Forth - Notebook


A shine design on this notebook will make your day!

This notebook is perfect for jotting down your wonderful ideas or inspirations, take notes, and documenting your other accomplishments. You can also use it as a dream/hobby/spiritual/personal daily journal. Practically, this notebook can be used however you wish from school to office to church to home uses without the need to rely on your smartphone and tablet.
A great choice for students, teachers, co-workers, or any gift giving occasions to put a shiny smile on their faces.


I Am Blossoming


I am blossoming - Notebook

Blossoming Lined Notebook Journals, 8 x10 inch, 200 Pages, Notebook Journal Set for Travelers, Students, Office, Composition Diary Subject Notebooks

 Feel free to take your notes and write down your ideas anywhere with these lined paperback notebooks.

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