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A little about me

Claire Joseph, from the Nature Isle of the Commonwealth of Dominica, currently residing in Barbados and is passionate about empowering and transforming lives to achieve success.


Claire earned her education at the Keller Graduate School of Management with a Master’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Human Resource Management and Bachelor of Science degree from DeVry University.  She is a Certified Faculty Developer from LERN and holds certifications business coaching. Claire is a member of the Empowering Women Network.


She has a ferocious appetite for learning; as a continuous learner within her field of Administrative Leadership and coaching, recognition and Human Resource Management, she has honed over 25 years of knowledge and experience.


Claire has taken her mission - to inspiring and adding value that allows individuals to act on ideas that generates life changing experiences and opportunities and is passionate about facilitating workshops, trainings and empowerment seminars.

She is the author of the book, “Never Over­­­­---How to take action on your ideas and turn them into life changing experiences” and has published several inspirational journals/notebooks.  She is the initiator of the “Never Over Attitude”.

She holds firm to the philosophy that, it is our job to follow our passion regardless of what others think, because every time we follow our passion, we win, and she is positioned to help empower to achieve success. 

As CEO of Sunshine Motivation Institute her purpose is to inspire people to become the best version of themselves through programs, courses, online talks, live forums, and events designed to motivate, energize, connect, recognize, empower, accelerate discipline, and enhance performance to build positive, steady, and desirable results.


She is the Co-Owner and Managing Director of JMAX Express Enterprise a company that provides inspirational and promotional printing services.  

She is also the Co-founder of Compassionate Hearts, a charitable organization that aims to assist people in developing communities with the advancement of their education and personal growth.

She is married to her wonderful husband, Francis Joseph, the Founder of STAZ Cricket Academy and CEO of Joseph Construction, and they have four lovely children together-Jedd, Jaiden, Jelani and Jershaun.

Claire Joseph, MBA, MHRM
Your positive action equals your success! 

"Blend your actions with guidance that comes from your heart and allow for a more powerful outcome."

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